Nutrition Services


Over the past two years, all students have received free school meals due to USDA waivers. Unfortunately, these federal waivers have expired. Oakland School District is encouraging all families to complete a free and reduced meal application this year. Annual maximum income eligibility has increased, therefore, some families that haven’t qualified in the past, may qualify now if you apply. Students will still receive free breakfast. Oakland School strives to provide students with nutritious, quality meals throughout the school year. As a reminder, the following will be charged to students who do not participate in the free-or reduced-price meal program: 

  • OES Student Lunches- Free because we are a CEP program 

  • LMS and OHS Student Lunches-$2.80 

  • Adult/Visitor Lunches- $3.75


Please be aware the Food Services is currently experiencing various supply chain issues, both food and supply related.
Please know that we will work to offer what is on the menu, if we are unable too, know that we will still offer all components of the meal. Thank you for your understanding and patience.