A few reminders regarding winter weather:

Winter is here and safety is a major priority for Oakland School District.  In anticipation of possible school delays or cancellations due to poor weather conditions please make sure that you have updated your phone and email contact with the school office.  Notification of emergencies, school delays, and school closures is done through School Messenger and Flash Alert.  You can also see posting and notifications on Oakland SD website under Emergency or School Closure Information.


Help us improve our absenteeism in our schools!

Average Daily Attendance: The percentage of a school’s student body that attends on a typical day. The definition is the same nationwide, but does not provide student-level data.  OHS average daily attendance is about 95%; LMS average daily attendance is about 94%; and OES average daily attendance is about 95%.


Chronic absence: A measure of how many students miss a certain percentage or number of days, including excused and unexcused absences and suspensions. Oregon  tracks those students missing 10% of the school year.  This chart is a snapshot of our data for the first quarter of the school year.  Missing 10% of the school year in the Oakland School District would be a student who misses a total of 15 school days during the entire school year.


Oakland School District staff would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season filled with joyous memories.  Our children are the heart of our community.  Remember they won't remember the things they get BUT they will remember how we made them feel. We hope everyone is filled with a heart of gratitude and that we all reach out to those near and far with best wishes for a Happy New Year