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  • Our Goals


    Objective:To ensure a high quality, well rounded education for all students.

    • Develop ideas to maintain or improve graduation rates.
    • Work on specific areas within the K-12 system that need to be strengthened.
    • Stay current with best practices and instructional strategies.


    Objective: to prepare students for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies, and make academic content accessible to students by providing it in a hands-on context. 

    • Enhance equipment for students in the metal and wood shop areas
    • Offer opportunities in health career related fields
    • Expand other CTE programs and experiences for students


    Objective:  To maintain existing programs; enhance their success and explore or encourage additional opportunities either independently or with other school districts. 

    • Increase participation in extra curricular activities
    • Increase opportunities for extra curricular activities and clubs
    • Continue to have our students compete to the best of their abilities and represent Oakland Schools with class, dignity, and respect.  


    Objective: To provide a physical setting that inspires learning, respect and success.

    • Additional classroom space for future needs
    • Review facility long range plan
    • Enhance technology capabilities for both staff and students


    Objective: To hire and retain highly qualified  teachers and staff that are good for kids.

    • Ensure adequate staffing levels in all areas
    • Expand recruitment to college job fairs and advertisements beyond Oakland and Douglas County
    • Conduct exit interviews to gather information to improve our mentoring and support to staff