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  • Dear Oaker Family,

    A positive case of COVID-19 was reported in the early hours this morning, Jan. 21, 2021 at Oakland High School.  As members of the school community, we understand that this might raise concerns alongside a caring response. We are working closely with Douglas Public Health Network to respond to this news and protect the health of our community by temporarily closing Oakland High School. Because we are a small high school many of our teachers see students of all grade levels, so we are opting to return to distance learning for the short term. Our plan is for students to return to in person learning Monday, Feb. 1.

    Our protocols for this situation involve:

    • Contacting Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer, Douglas Public Health Network for guidance.
    • Contacting all students/families who are attending OHS.
    • Contacting students who are in the cohort of said individual’s classes.
    • Notifying students and families of the rest of the Oakland School District.
    • Launching deep cleaning efforts at OHS.

    *DIRECT CONTACT is defined as someone who has directly touched or is in close proximity (less than 6 ft.) for a cumulative 15 mins. or more of the individual. As a rule, we have been strict about this in our secondary classrooms where students are much more independent and can be guided or instructed from this distance.  For those students or staff who may be deemed as a close contact you MAY be contacted by DPHN.

    If you have another child in the district attending OES or LMS and is a sibling of a high school student, they are not impacted at this time.  They are not direct contacts.  OES and LMS will continue in person learning.

    I have come to the understanding that indeed every one of us is going to be impacted by this virus in one way or another.  We are mandated to follow the Oregon Department of Education guidance regarding schools. We will keep you updated with any new information as it comes out, while meeting the requirements to honor everyone's right to privacy. 

    I am very sorry for the way this morning played out with the late notice regarding the positive test.  We reacted as quickly as we could.  Thank you so much for your empathy and understanding as we navigate these situations. 

    Patti Lovemark

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